what people are saying

Susan consistently gets rave reviews, invited back again and again to a number of popular conferences. Here you'll find just a small selection of comments about Susan's speaking, consulting and Bootcamps. 


“So much valuable information. Did not seem lengthy – time flew! Met and exceeded expectations. Clear, concise and enjoyable! Great and easy to follow. Love all the tools! Excellent speaker – good voice tone, interactive, positive, stayed on track, great ideas and encouragement.”
Sharon Meyers, Woodward Camp

“Well worth the time. Exceeded expectations.”
Ann Dunlavy, Lincoln Caverns


“Susan is so smart and up to speed. It was a pleasure to attend. Learned a lot. After coming last year I wouldn’t miss it. Excellent! I have read her books and love her approach – makes everything easy to understand.”
Karen Myford, Marketing Consultant

“Engaging, educational, informative - Thank you!. Exceeded expectations. Clear, organized, articulate and expert.”
Sneha Patel, The UPS Store

“Lively, informative, full of insight.”
Jennifer Lynch, HUB Robeson Galleries

“A better understanding of the principles of Internet Marketing, specifically directing traffic to a website. I learn something new from Susan every time she speaks.” Tanya Priske, Women in Business Initiative

“Excellent information. Very happy with content of the seminar – learned a lot. Covered more than anticipated. Great presentation.”
Gail Jones, Penn State Federal 

I learned the major changes that have taken place in e-business and the need for integration between web design and Internet marketing.
Kelly Germon, Student 

“Insight into the grand scale of web design.”                                   Mary McIntosh, Travel agent

Very practical, eye opening information, I will be much more aware of what to include in the development of my own website, I feel I got some really practical hints and tips to better my future site.
Lynn Theriault, Designer

Awesome Mine of Knowledge, I learned web skills that work!
Rita Warner, Coordinator/Artist

“I really appreciate getting step-by-step instructions for all these strategies!”
Jennifer A. Gonsalves, Theater Alliance of Greater Philadelphia

The broad spectrum of ways to improve traffic to a website. Extremely informative and has given me a road map for creating websites.
Joel MacDougall, Student

“Susan is a great speaker. She never underestimates the intelligence of her audience and at the same time creates an open educational atmosphere.”
Sara Judge, Walnut Street Theater

“Excellent! Susan definitely knows her stuff. It shows that she’s keeping up with the constant changes in the Internet marketing.
Amy Coleman, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

“The Tourism Internet Marketing Bootcamp was one of the most useful seminars I’ve ever attended.”
Tina Meredith, Radisson Plaza-Warwick

“Very practical information presented in an engaging way. I can’t wait to go back to the office and start implementing what I’ve learned.”
Suzanne Biemiller, Chestnut Hill Business Association

“Reinforced what I’ve learned and brought me up-to date on newer trends software and methods.”
Judy Goldschmith, Independent Contractor 

“I learned about things I had never even considered.”
Caroline Bean, GPTMC

"Informative...informative...informative. It was very interesting. I got a few easy, cheap & valuable ways to improve our Internet marketing now. I liked Susan because she does not talk 'techie' lingo that marketers don't understand. She was on time and started and ended on time."
Augusta Cox, WEOKIE Credit Union

"Very informative info. Excellent, understandable delivery."
Jackie Stewart, Green County

"I have gained a great amount of practical applications. She spoke in plain/understandable terms."
Mary Sizemore, Bartlesville Area Chamber of Commerce

"Very informative. Re-enforced a lot of the methods that I was taught in college. The skills and knowledge that I will take back from this seminar are invaluable. Ms. Sweeney was very articulate and was extremely knowledgeable in regards to the information she was presenting."
Ray Grace, Muskogee Convention/Tourism

"I was glad it was so well targeted towards tourism. I came with our Web designer so between us we were able to use almost all of the info. I was very impressed with how thorough her knowledge is."
Linda Coldwell, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

"Lots of great content - I am leaving with lots of ideas! Great command of the topic!"
Brooke Barnett, OKAGE/OU Department of Geography

"More useful than I had imagined. Very articulate and charismatic."
Mary Thompson, Grant Thorton LLP

"Very informative. Fresh/new information. I liked how it was more basic info. Very knowledgeable."
Hollie Williams, Frontier County Marketing Association

“Absolutely terrific! It provided a competitive advantage for everyone who invested the time and money to be here. The bootcamp was just as good as what my associates said it would be., it is especially worth the investment in these economic times.” 
Coleen Fabrizi, Cornell Hotel School

“It completely exceeded my expectation, I know it would be good, but it was great! My eyes have been opened to many missed opportunities that will cost next to nothing to start doing.” 
Kelly Rapone, Genes County Chamber

“So informative, I cannot believe that Susan was able to fit so much information in 2 days.”
Lexa, The Cruise Professionals

"Excellent. I need to go back to my own site and add items and change items. Great suggestions, good coverage on all areas. Clear, kept me interested - very informative...motivated me."
Michelle McNancy, Comfort Inn

EXCELLENT, I cannot believe how much I now know that I had no clue about before. Thank you.. Thank you for the “e” education. Because the course covered sooo much, there are so many aspectsthat will definitely be adapted at the Hotel, and that is good spending to me. Susan is extremely knowledgeable about all the topics covered.”
Gillian Graig, Best Western Voyageur Place Hotel

“Absolutely terrific! It provided a competitive advantage for everyone who invested the time and money to be here. The bootcamp was just as good as what my associates said it would be., it is especially worth the investment in these economic times.” 
Coleen Fabrizi, Cornell Hotel School

"It was very eye opening. Lots of good information. Excellent speaker. Entertaining and informative."
Jason Weir, Quality Suites Whitby

"Very informative. Made me want more information. Learned more than had anticipated. Very understandable - spoke on a level all could understand."
Lisa Knapp, Holiday Inn Kingston

“I have not only learned items that will help market my Website but have also received a renewed excitement in developing changes.”
Wendy Chretien, Southern Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce

"Excellent. Exceeded expectations. High marks - great presentation, food for thought."
Nevia Carroll, Holiday Inn Kingston-Waterfront

"Wonderful tools - lots of modern opportunities. Exceeded my expectations, which were fairly high. Great flow, content, enjoyable presentation."
Kyle Nantais, Westmont Hospitality

"Excellent - very well presented and I learned a considerable amount."
Barb Genge, Tuckamore Lodge

"Very informative and interesting. Better than I expected. Always kept my attention. Excellent presentation - knows her work."
Gloria Payne, Portland Creek Outfitters

"Very good presentation. Job well done."
Barry Sweetland, Where-Ya-Wannabee Outfitting Lodge

"Better than expected. Excellent."
Trevor Pilgrim, Mayflower Outfitters

"Very informative. Very knowledgeable."
Shelly Payne, Portland Creek Outfitters

"Tons of information in a short amount of time. Very knowledgeable! Really knows her stuff and is able to communicate it effectively."
Karen Holmstrom, Four Seasons Philadelphia

"Fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great, on-point and very informative and timely."
Mark Perez, Next Step Magazine

"Jam-packed value - my head is swimming. I want more & more time. Better than I dared hope. Wow!"
Joyce Murlless, Winderness Southeast

"Great - I was very impressed with the content...awesome!"
Mary Starr, Villas by the Sea Resort Hotel

"Very good ideas. More info than I expected. Wonderful."
Joy Eady, Forsyth-Monroe County Chamber of Commerce

"Learned more in 90 minutes than in 50 hours of Internet classes in the past."
JoAnne Leone, Towns County Tourism Association

"Great material! Great energy & enthusiasm. WOW! Great!"
Bob Harris, Georgia Tourism

"I've attended several similar seminars previously, but none made me feel the instructor really knew all there is to know about Internet Marketing. Was very impressed with the delivery."
Madonna Menne, Underground Atlanta

"Very knowledgeable about the Internet and its components. Speaker had outstanding presentation skills. Very audible, smooth-flowing delivery."
Yolanda Turner, Atlanta Journal - Constitution

"Susan's presentation was sharp, energetic and engaging. Very thorough & technically savvy."
Laurie Switzer, The Power House

"Touched on all the major needs of our organization. Very knowledgeable - friendly & easy to understand."
Marlyn Lucov, Philadelphia Hospitality Inc.

"Very thorough and easy to follow. Learned a lot of things and re-learned info I've forgotten. Friendly and a good speaker."
Jennifer Hillman, Philadelphia Hospitality Inc.

"Very comprehensive, easy to follow. Very focused, great presentation skills, very knowledgeable."
Veronica Wentz, GPTMC

"More than excellent. I would highly recommend Susan to others."
Norman Knorfine, Philadelphia Museum of Art

"Very informative. Many ideas & concepts presented. Very good - explained things very well and clearly."
Tania Karpinich, Independence Seaport Museum

"Excellent, concise, great content & examples...generated many new ideas. Well spoken, organized."
Christine Kaposztas, The Radnor Hotel

"I've attended several of these types of meetings/seminars and this way by far the easiest to follow and understand. I will be able to take back with me several great tips on marketing our site. Very helpful, very informative, great visuals."
Rhonda Mauk, Main Line Art Center

"Excellent! She spoke common "web" language. This is the best I've ever attended."
Joy Arthur, Cypress Bend Golf Resort & Conference Center

"Very informative. Every time I thought of a question...she would answer it in seconds!"
Lisa Daniels, Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Great - wish we had more time. Learned a great deal. (Susan is) energetic and well spoken."
Renee Hornsby, Southern Bride

"Very informative. Just what I expected. Great!"
Kenny Scott, Pavillion RV Park

"Great - not too technical. (Susan was) wonderful - very thorough."
Jennifer Adams, Shreveport-Bossier Convention & Visitors Burea

Powerful, informative, inspirational and most of all a welcome feeling of overwhelmingness! I'd love to have her as a Mentor."
Vicky Schutte, Grand Portage Lodge & Casino

"Wonderful, dynamic, informed. I learned a lot. Good practical tips and useful content I can work with. Kept me attentive and enthused about the topic. Got me motivated!"
Briana Schaub, Spirit Mountain Recreation Area

"Great info. Enjoyed thoroughly!"
Stephanie Slanga, Caribou Highlands Lodge

"Lots of info in a short period of time. Knows what she is talking about."
Julie Eul, Faribault Chamber of Commerce and Tourism

"Very good content from A-Z. Very comprehensive. Knowledgeable, used good examples."
Doug Killiam, Mall of America