Susan offers consulting from 1 hour to several days. She was worked with many organizations on their SEO, website, traffic, conversion and permission marketing success.


Pick My Brain.

I have had so many people ask if they can "Pick my brain" that I decided to offer it as a service. Perhaps it was something you read in one of my books, or something you heard me speak about at a conference or something you saw me do. You have a problem or an issue that needs resolving and you knew I'd have the answer. Perhaps you want a second opinion, perhaps you don't know where to start or what to do, perhaps you are looking for a second set of educated eyes. Whatever your scenario might be, you are looking for quick answers to your burning issues. You want answers, feedback, brainstorming, expertise, next steps


The investment for this program is $1,500. per month with a 6 month minimum.

the program

We can focus on whatever area you need help with … SEO, website, social media, traffic building, conversion .. any of my core competencies.

The extensive startup phase of the coaching program includes:

a preliminary review of your site and your Internet marketing and social media strategy,

review the resources you have (human and financial) to devote to Internet marketing,

discuss with you the main areas you want to address,

and map out a plan to achieve your online success.

Scheduled weekly virtual meetings with Susan as agreed. These meetings will be by telephone, online meeting room or email to review progress, plan activities, discuss options and/or have general Internet marketing discussion.

Education - You will receive access to appropriate recorded webinars from 

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